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The NCJS Resume Clinic was an annual event for us for many years.  While we currently do not have a large-scale Resume Clinic, resume help and reviews is an ongoing part of NCJS.  Our team of reviewers are experienced hiring managers, HR professionals, and industry leaders.  One-on-one resume reviews are arranged to help update, improve, and focus your resume to "rise to the top" in a competitive job market.


Currently our resume help is facilitated by networking with other NCJS members and the leadership team.  The most direct way to receive resume assistance or find someone to review your resume is to attend one of our Networking Meetings and "put it out there."  We have many skilled resume writers and reviewers who are willing to help -- it's as simple as asking for the help.


Depending upon how face-to-face meetings will happen post-pandemic, it is possible that our Resume Clinic will return.  Here was our celebration of our last clinic:


It Was Our Largest Resume Clinic Yet!

Nearly 100 Job Seekers

received one-on-one resume reviews


This year's clinic was attended by nearly 100 job seekers aided by 25 resume reviewers and a team of volunteers making the event happen.  Each job seeker had a one-on-one appointment with a skilled reviewer to help make their resume the best it can be in a competitive marketplace.  A new feature of this year's Resume Clinic was the addition of a LinkedIn Review -- a team of experienced LinkedIn users offered reviews and constructive suggestions for job seekers' LinkedIn profiles and online presence.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated, volunteered, reviewed, and contributed to help so many with this year's Resume Clinic.

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