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The twice monthly meetings of North Coast Job Seekers is supplemented by an active LinkedIn Group. This rich forum includes relevant discussion topics, job postings, and all-important networking opportunities.


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NCJS Job Postings

One of the fantastic networking benefits of being part of NCJS is sharing and finding job opportunities.  All of our job postings are shared in the NCJS LinkedIn group.



If you are looking for opportunities that are shared with NCJS membership, we invite you to participate actively and frequently in the NCJS LinkedIn group.  LinkedIn has done away with a separate area to list jobs, so all job postings are handled in the same way as a regular message on the NCJS page.  Your regular participation in the group will be your best way to see current postings, and you can scroll through previous postings to view older job offerings.



If you have a job opportunity to share with the North Coast Job Seekers community, there are two ways you can get the information to our job seekers:


1.  The fastest and best way is for you to post your job opportunity in the North Coast Job Seekers LinkedIn Group.  In order to post in the group you will need to become a member of the group (if you are not already).  Simply request to join and one of our administrators will respond usually within 1-2 days.  Once you are a member, you can make your posting.  On the group page, click on "Start a conversation in this group." You can then add the details of the job opportunity and click "Post" -- the job will be posted for group members to see.  The example below provides a recommended format.


2.  If you prefer to not join the LinkedIn group, you can submit your job opportunity using our website Contact Form.  In the message please include all of the relevant details about the job posting including a web URL (web link) for the job posting.  One of our volunteer team members will then post your job opportunity to the LinkedIn group on your behalf.  Please understand that NCJS communications are all handled by volunteers, so there might be a brief time lag in getting the information posted.  We are happy to help, however, particularly if we are able to help make a good match with a job seeker.



We have found this format to be helpful for your job opportunity to stand out from other postings in the LinkedIn group:



Brief description of company and position.

Contact Information

Website link for company (link to career opportunity page if available)

     LinkedIn will automatically create a preview of the website to show in the posting




ABC corporation is seeking an outstanding candidate for the position of Senior Project Engineer.  ABC is a local business with an international reach.  The Senior Project Engineer will oversee new and existing product development leading a team of engineers in this work and interfacing with other senior management as we grow our business.


Use the link on our website to connect with Sheryl Jones in our HR department:

     Image of website will appear thanks to LinkedIn technology.

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